Entreposto Timor sponsors academic meetings

As part of its Social Responsibility Program and with the support of its represented brand, Ford, Entreposto Comercial de Timor undertook the exclusive Sponsorship of Jornadas Académicas for the Inclusion in East Timor and the thematic Movie Cycle on disability, initiatives developed by the National University of Timor Lorosae which provide educational support suitable for students with disabilities and/or special educational needs in East Timor.

Having a timetable initially set for November and December 2016, which included debates, workshops, presentation of works and visioning of films related to different types of disabilities, issues related to the eventually extended the events until January 2017.

Besides its Social Responsibility, Entreposto Comercial of Timor is proud to contribute to add one more smile to the faces of many children of this fragile layer of the population of East Timor.

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